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TQC Ltd | Nottingham Manufacturing Network


TQC provide special purpose, innovative turnkey solutions for all industries in manufacturing to improve safety, throughput, efficiency and quality. Utilising over 25 years experience, TQC design and supply assembly automation and testing equipment from their Nottingham facility, TQC are a one stop shop for bespoke automated solutions.

Specialist areas include leak testing equipment, robot integration and automated assembly equipment. Leak testing solutions provided vary from simple fixtures and submersing parts underwater and looking for bubbles through to fully automatic helium leak test facilities that use mass spectrometers to monitor leakage.

TQC serve a diverse range of industry sectors including automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace, defence and general engineering supply an even more diverse range of solutions.

TQC solutions can help you:
• Improve performance of your machines and your company
• Increase throughput
• Improve quality control
• Reduce losses through product validation
• Reduce labour intensity and cost
• Design & develop new products for your company

Since 2010 TQC have been ISO9001:2008 accredited for for the design, development and manufacture of bespoke machinery and testing of Customer Products, and research and Technical Development relating to innovative machine systems.

TQC are always looking for the next challenge and welcome the opportunity to look at any automation, assembly, handling or testing requirements