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Carlton Tx Limited

Welcome to Carlton TX Limited, manufacturers of transformers, coils and electrical components. With over 135 years combined industry experience, Carlton TX Limited has become a leading transformer manufacturer in the UK, building a reputation for quality, reliability and exceptional customer service.

With a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing electrical transformers, we offer a truly comprehensive design and development package, delivering custom made transformers, coils and other wound electrical components to the highest of standards with minimal lead times. The combination of our skilled engineers, accompanied with advanced CAD software enables us to offer small volume unit production, right through to high volume manufacturing processes using specialist partners.

Working closely with all clients and their products, we accurately establish the intended purpose and subsequent performance requirements of each proposed transformer, From there we can amend or re-design the product with the client, before manufacturing the component for optimum performance and reliability. With an ability to meet the varying demands of numerous applications, we provide the following industries with transformers, coils and wound electrical components:
– Mining: Telemetry Equipment, Electronic Pit Drops, Warning & Safety Equipment
– Marine: Radar Equipment & Specialist Bespoke Components
– Rail: Traction Components & Electrical Controls
– Military: Telecommunications & Radar
– Agriculture: Electrical Fencing

All of our transformers can be impregnated or encapsulated using any of the following processes:
– Vacuum Impregnation & Envelopment To DEF.31
– All Types Of Conformal Coating
– Varnish Or Polyurethane Impregnation
– Epoxy Resin Encapsulation
– Polyurethane Encapsulation

For any questions on design, development or production, please feel free to contact,

Tony Morris or Craig Williamson